Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Supper

Hi everyone!
First I have to say that we have been having ALOT of fish and seafood for dinner!  Recently a new store opened in town called Seafood Thyme.  And we have had some of the best fish ever from their fresh fish market.
This weekend we grilled some Chilean Sea Bass.  My husband and I love to go to Kona Grill at the Plaza in Kansas City and one of our favorite dishes there is the Chilean Sea Bass.  So we had a standard that we were hoping we could achieve at home.  And WOW!  Did it ever.  This fish is so amazingly delicious.  You have to try it. 
Here is how we made our Chilean Sea Bass.
 First drizzle the sea bass with soy sauce and allow it to marinate skin side up for 5 to 10 minutes.
 Then turn the fish skin side down and lightly sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Not much salt since the soy has so much sodium.  
 Preheat the grill on low and then place the fish skin side down on the grill.
 After about 10 or 12 minutes the skin is completely charred and the fish has loosened and separated.  
 Test by lightly pressing on the side of the fish.  You can see how it easily pushes off of the skin.

 Oh YUM!  Perfect.
 Use the spatula to clean the grill.  Just roll the skin up and discard.
We like to serve our sea bass with a small cup of soy sauce.  And last night we also served it with spinach fried rice. started out being just plain fried rice and then we found some left over fresh spinach in the refrigerator and decided to add it at the last minute.  Dinner was amazingly delicious.  And even better than the Kona Grill.  Which is certainly an accomplishment.


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