Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Special Birthday Parties

I have been so busy the last few weeks planning parties for two very special people in my life.  

My husband Jeff turned 50 on May 25th so I wanted to do something very special for him.  He didn't want a big extravagant party, but I tried very hard to surprise him with a special surprise birthday dinner with some very special friends.  I found out a few things while trying to plan a surprise party.  1. It is ALOT of work!  I am terrible at keeping secrets.  2. My husband is nearly impossible to surprise.  It is funny how he doesn't seem to notice alot of things....until you don't want him to notice.  And 3. It is sooooo disappointing when the surprise   is discovered.  
We had an amazing dinner anyway and very much enjoyed our special friends.  This is the cake that I made for the party.

The bottom layer is 2 layers of 10 inch cakes and the top layer is 2 layers of 6 inch cake.  All of the decorations are molded from fondant other than the paper umbrella.  The sand is brown sugar and the birds are painted on with just black Wilton cake coloring.  

We also had a birthday party for our oldest daughter Meghann this last weekend.  She turned 22 on June 9th but we had a little pool party and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on Sunday.  It was very windy but a fun day at the pool.  Meghann and her boyfriend are leaving on a vacation very soon so I thought this "Flip Flop Cake" would be nice for her birthday.

I used the 10 inch pan again to make a 2 layer cake.  And again hand molded and cut all of the decorations from fondant.  This time I used raw sugar for the sand.  Which I think I like a bit better than the brown sugar.

It is such fun to make special cakes for birthday celebrations.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these two special cakes.  


  1. WOW! These are awesome! No wonder you're tired! Love the beach scene for Jeff ... what a great idea and SO WELL DONE!! And the Flip-Flops on Meghann's cake are FABULOUS! You know how much I love flip flops ... they are always on my feet except when it snows!!
    LOVE the colors on both cakes ... you did such an amazing job ... WOWZA ... Jeff's cake would have taken me a MONTH (at least) to create ... then it wouldn't be eatable! LOL! I might have some success if I used styrofoam cakes ... teehee!
    Well done my friend! Sorry the surprise was ruined but glad you still had a good time!!

  2. Congrats to your hubby and daughter, and both the cakes are great and look so yummie, great work, I fuly understand you're tired, don't overdo it!

    hugs Amanda

  3. HOLY COW SIS! I just showed Glen this and we're both AMAZED!! You need to come visit me for my birthday and make one of your amazing beach cakes!

    Fabulous work girlie!!


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